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Android Mobile App Training Manual

Last modified 18:06, 27 Feb 2013

Downloading the App

  • Android devices
    • Smartphones - with Android OS  2.3.3 or newer
    • Tablets - with Android OS  2.3.3 or newer
      • 2.3.3 is within the Gingerbread OS.
      • For instructions on how to check which operating system of Android you are running, go to Android OS Version.
  • Go to https://play.google.com/store/apps
  • Search "Truepanel" and click INSTALL to download to your mobile device

Google Play.png


Logging In

  • Your username and password will be sent from support@truepanel.com to your email address prior to the start of the project.
    • If you haven't received your invitation, be sure to check your Spam folder and add support@truepanel.com as a trusted sender.
  • Use this information to log in to the app via your mobile device
  • Upon first login, you MUST be connected to mobile internet or Wi-Fi to access the project questions.
  • To capture responses after disconnecting from Wi-Fi or mobile internet, you cannot force close or sign out of the app, or fully shut down your mobile device.
  • Although you can capture responses offline or via mobile internet, we higly recommend that you connect to Wi-Fi to upload your responses to the project. Uploading via Wi-Fi ensures successful and faster uploads.


How to Respond Using Your Android

Below, see step-by-step tutorial on how to respond to asssignments using your Android mobile device:

1. Enter your Email and Password. Click Sign In.



2. You will be navigated to your a list of your projects. Select the appropriate project and click on the first assignment.


3. Click on the Play button to watch the assignment video, and scroll through the assignment text.

4. Once the assignment video is completed, click Respond.


5. Depending on the project settings, you may be asked to Respond With... Video, Image or Text.

How to Respond with Video

1. To record a video response to an assignment, select the Video option from the Respond With menu.


2. Click on to reference the assignment text while recording.

3. Click on  to begin recording. Click again once you have finished your video response. Your recording time is tracked on the top right corner of your screen.


  • You MUST use your rear-facing camera to record your video responses.


Turn your device horizontally to record your responses. This ensures you submit the highest quality responses.